So I had said I’d post Quinn’s one year session. And life kept moving along. But here he is, back in June!

I wanted these pictures to co ordinate with his birth announcement pics. So , same bucket same location, one year later.

And of course, the cake smash. I had it in the refrigerator and the frosting was hard, so unfortunately, he didn’t get very messy. In typical Quinn fashion, he kept getting bored and running away. We’d bring him back for another round.img_5612lr





Thomas had a birthday in December. His birthday session often has snow in it…but I love muted colors, so I tend to like  the outdoor photos this way. Anyway here he is: 8 years old.

These were shot early morning, so there is a lot of sunflare.

IMG_3197 lrIMG_3202 lrIMG_3251 lrIMG_3262 lr

And my baby is walking ! More to come of Quinn when he has his first birthday June 10.

IMG_4920 lr


Our oldest son, Caleb recently turned 11. It had been far too long since I did a photoshoot of just him. So up the hill , in the meadow we went. I love how they turned out; definitely worth dodging the cow pies 😉 And no photo session is complete without our dog, Lucy. Somehow, she manages to always get in a few pictures. I don’t mind, because she is really quite photogenic.

IMG_5021lrIMG_5001 lrIMG_4991 lrIMG_4981 lr


My baby is now 3 months old. Wish I could have seen the happy baby he’s become that fussy first month of his life. He’s such a joy! He’s cooing now with an occasional giggle. He fell asleep during the studio part of his session, so I kept right on shooting. Love how he really got chubby since his newborn shoot.

IMG_0746b IMG_0765b IMG_0810b IMG_0840b IMG_0863b IMG_0884b IMG_0949b IMG_0963b


My little girl is five years old already! She loved having her photo taken. I’ve learned with her that, minimal posing is best. In her romping around she usually comes up with a few good poses by herself. And the others show her personality quite well ; a sweet tomboy with a wild side. She is soo into horses. She talks about them daily and eagerly awaits the day when she can own a real one. She wanted to use some of her toys as props.

IMG_054b1 IMG_059b1 IMG_0500b IMG_0570b IMG_0578b IMG_0604b


The birth of our son; Quinn Isaac. He was born on June 10th, weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and 19.25 inches long.

And that also means maternity leave. I’m planning to close the studio till the end of this year. Time is soo fleeting and babys grow soo fast. I want to make the most of each moment. E-mail me with any questions you have.

IMG_ 9206b IMG_9939bIMG_9492b

IMG_9519b IMG_9658b IMG_9791b IMG_9878b

click on the pictures to see them larger.

Newborn sweetness

Well, blog followers, I guess you have noticed, blogging is not my highest priority these days. I’ll introduce you to these sweet babies that have been in my studio in the recent weeks.

First it was Alexis with her lovely blonde curls:

#12b #16b #21b

Then Givana. She’s got chub already and so squishable. She also happens to be my niece!

#2b4 #8b #9b

And then comes baby Owen. So cuddly and perfectly sleepy.

#11b #12b #18b


I wish to announce that it is time to clean images off my hard drive. Yup, and unless you purchase a cd of your images , after a short time they will be gone forever. So for a short  time, I am making Cds of previous sessions available for $20 per session, along with a copyright release form. E-mail me at photobyglenda@aol.com for more information.